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How to secure more marks in first paper of UGC NET EXAM?

UGC NET FIRST PAPERIn this blog post I will tell you in 4 steps to secure 85+ marks in the first paper of UGC NET Exam. If you get more than 80 marks, definitely you will be able to clear the Net exam. So it is very important to put more focus on the first paper before doing the preparation for second exam.
When I appeared in the NET exam for the first time, I got only 40 marks and pretty do well in the second paper. Because, at time there was no strategy for the first paper. After applying the following steps, I got 82 marks in the first paper and clear the UGC NET EXAM IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATION.

Total time needed to prepare well for the first paper is less than 10 days.

Paper I consists of the following sections and there are 5 questions from each section. Teaching aptitude.Research AptitudeReading ComprehensionCommunicationLogical ReasoningMath ReasoningData IntepretationInformation and Communication technology (ICT)People and EnvironmentHigher Education system, Government a…
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What is the difference between web search personalization and web personalization?

Personalization is the process of providing personalizing results to the user. People are generally confused with web search personalization and web personalization. Let me tell you, both of these two terms are come under personalization, but are different. Web search personalization is the process of providing personalizing results to the user for his submitted query. Example: Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. While in web personalization, the products or results are recommended to us by the website. Here we supposed or asked to submit any query for getting the results. Example: Amazon, Flipkart, etc;

Important topics to study for first general paper of UGC NET exam.

IN TEACHING PART 1.What is Direct Teaching, Indirect Teaching? 2.What is Inductive and Deducting (Teaching) (Arguments)? 3.Heredity? 4.Dynamic Teaching, Passive and active teaching? 5.Micro teaching and macro teaching? 6.Team teaching? 7.Methods of teachings: demonstrative teaching, programmed learning, heuristic method, collaborative teaching, classroom discussion, debriefing, diagnostic teaching? 8.Life-long learning? 9.Conditioned refer learning-highest order of learning? 10.NPE (1986)-DIET? 11.Evaluation is a continues dynamic, evaluation and testing? 12.Persuasive definition, lexical, stipulate, analogical? 13.Phenomenon-based learning? 14.Pragmatic method of teaching, existential method of teaching? 15.Three levels of teaching? 16.Quantitative and qualitative technique? 17.

Download question papers in format for computer science and application subjects.

Important topics to study for the UGC NET Computer Science

Discrete mathematics 1.Proposition? 2.Implication, equivalence, (bidirectional) converse, inverse, contrapositive. 3.Rules of inferences (modus pones, tulles,hyothotivelpyllog, disgonativesyllog, addition, simplification? 4.Produce of logic operators(5)? 5.Quantifies, negation of quantifies, skolemization? 6.Horn clause, definite clause, goal clause? 7.If X unlees Z then Y:? 8.Vacuous proof, trivial proof, indirect proof? 9.Duality? 10.Real no, integers, ntural, whole no, positive integer? 11.Set 12.Function: domain, co-domain, range, type of function(injectie, surjective,bijectives)? 13.Inverse? 14.Cartesion product, relation,function? 15.No of binary relation? 16.Invertable function, one-to-one correspondence?